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The two machines were loaded container shipped to Taiwan

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The two machines were loaded container shipped to Taiwan

      The two decorative roll forming machines were loaded container on Aug.19th,2019 after client come to our factory to test machines, the performance of machines working were very good. Then client paid balance payment at once and asked us to book the latest shipment. Our worker loaded the machine into container very carefully, machines were packed with naked package with film, and fixed with angle steel to avoid the machine shake.  Decorative panel roll forming machine and Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

The two machines were loaded container shipped to Taiwan1_Jc

Lubrication for Total Productive Maintenance

      The present day roll forming collection is a highly productive procedure usually achieved by integrating numerous operations such as prepunching, postpunching, welding, cutoff, and even set up on a continuous basis.This higher levelof productivity has tobe protected through the implementation of the “total productive maintenance program” (TPM). In this scenario, "" are the company management, creationpersonnel, and the maintenance division, along with key suppliers of roll forming experience. Roll Forming Machine

      A lubrication program intended for total productive maintenance ought to cover both process and equipment lubricants. There are 3 distinct areas of activity that needs to be implemented and continued on a great on going basis to successfully achieve a TPM. They may be:

            Preventive maintenance 

            installment payments on your Database

            Predictive repair.

      All of the above areas will be equally important. The key points in each sector are talked about below and we

show just how lubrication expertise can help create a smooth running roll developing operation.

Preventive Maintenance

      In planning maintenance, the 1st area to approach is usually preventive maintenance of the bothersome lubrication incidents that always plague the roll creating operation. The most common problem areas pertaining to lubrication of move forming are:

           Dirty coolant tanks

           Rusted shafts and rolls

           Leaky gear boxes

           Worn out drive chains and gears

           Rusted beds, plates, and pins

           Problems with automatic lubricators

           Hydraulic systems

 Dirty Coolant Storage containers

      The coolant tank may be the largest single source of waste materials generation in the plant. You will find two alternatives - in order to a “lost lubricant” software approach or learn to control the coolant reservoir to reduce waste.

 Roller Base Bearings

      The roller base bearings must be lubricated having a compatible, quality grease which will resist wash out coming from water solubles and chemical substance solutions. When chemical alternatives (synthetics) are used, then oil must resist the detergency and cleansing action of those alkaline roll forming lubes. The frequency of greasing is very important. The time intervals must be recommended by the lubricant provider. The selected grease should have the proper physical and chemical type properties to provide sufficient weight carrying protection for the bearings.

The frequency of greasing then becomes time interval for the data source needed in predictive protection. When ordering new spin forming equipment (or improving present system), it is a great time to consider using a computerized lubrication system for tool shaft bearings.

 Shafts and Rolls

       Another region that sometimes can be a reduction in friction headache is the lubrication of shafts and rolls. As well often , the roll building tooling can be “frozen” towards the shaft in a short period of your time. Here again, the appropriate selection of a protective precoat (a rust preventive oil or polymer) is very important. Initially all shafts, rolls, and tooling must be precoated just before assembly with the selected lubrication. Selection of the right time to relubricate again can created by selecting test spots or perhaps sample areas to be protected with the precoat material. This kind of sample area should be checked out daily, usually toward the finish of the shift, for indicators of wash off and rust. If this daily inspection routine is not really followed, then tooling might be frozen to the shaft within a short period of time. As in the situation of roller shaft bearings, the preassembly compound should be compatible with the coolant being utilized in the roll forming.

The determined time interval to get relubrication of shafts and rolls should be recorded inside the database.

 Rusted Canal and Rolls

      This problem happens because of neglect, misunderstanding, and lack of communication. First, ensure that the parting compound chosen can withstand the washout from the coolant being used inside the roll former. Follow the measures in the predictive maintenance process on shaft and comes to make sure your database offers the proper lubrication intervals for people components.

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