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Shaft Material in Our Factory - YTSING
We never use a piece of hollow shaft in the manufacture production history
Hollow Shaft - Poor Quality Competitor
Hollow shaft to make the material costing much less and the machine force durable less
The Roller Made by Fresh Material - YTSING
The roller material is from one piece of whole fresh material, which the rollers is strong on force durable
The Roller Made by Scrap Material - Poor Quality Competitor
The less costing machine, rollers always made from second treatment scrap material
Good Connection on Frame - YTSING
We try to make every details better on the machine design and produce according to exactly 
Lousy Connection with Welding - Poor Quality Competitor
The machine produce not based on the design diagram, and it needs cut holes on frame to fit sometimes

More YTSING Roll Forming Machine Quality

1. YTSING to control the machine processing precision in every details, including the milling level standard, shaft diameter precision and roller & loops processing. To make sure the machine performance better on working; 
Raw Material Test 
Processing Test 
Roll Forming Test
2. To choose the good control system which is easy to operate, and sensitive on start & stop to make sure the accuracy;
3. YTSING roll forming machine could running more than 10 years and poor quality competitor machine can running only 1-2 years
example: a steel stud roll forming machine working for customer in Phillippine, non-stop cutting system working 7*24 hours from 2014 till now. machine video is below 
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