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Slitting Machine Shipped To Taiwan

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Slitting Machine Shipped To Taiwan

The slitting machine was ordered on August 8th,2019, the machine is finished, and ready to ship it on September 2rd,2019, we sent the picture to client for checking the quality and appearance, the client checked it and say ok to ship it with another his machine together on next Monday, we hope we can have new orders from them at the nearest future.Slitting machine line

Slitting machine shipped to Taiwan微信图片_20190831161939_Jc

Cross-Sectional Tolerances

The customer, the product developer, and the rolldesigner must agree with the interpretation of

sizes and tolerances specified inside the draw-ings before roll style commences. Product tolerances will certainly affect the roll design, the amount of passes, and thus the tooling costs. The tighter the tolerances, the more passes (and better equipment and tooling) are required.

As a general rule, the stronger the product tolerances, the greater the quantity of passes. The infinite selection of cross-sections and tolerance mixtures make it impossible to place an exact numerical value around the increased number of passes needed, but experienced roll designers have a “feel” showing how many extra passes will probably be required to achieve the required tolerances. These additional passes often include the duplication of the previous pass, incorrectly called the “ironing” pass.

Deviation coming from Straightness and Flatness Tolerances

Camber, bow, twist, cross-bow, herringbone effects, edge, orcenter waviness could be caused by the nature of roll building (straining some parts of the section beyond the produce limit), as well as imperfections in material, equipment and set up. Tooling has great effect on residual stresses, which in turn create deviation from straightness and flatness. Good move design eliminates or reduces them; bad design produces or exaggerates these challenges.Slitting machine manufacturer

Tolerance on Hole and Notch Locations

The spin designer must dictate the sequence of operations in the event that holes, notches, embossments, or perhaps other changes to the remove surface are specified. During forming, certain parts of the item are under tension, while some are compressed. The difference between overall length of the part after and before roll forming is affected by the roll design. Sometimes, the designer can proceed with prepunching the product, using the last or estimated dimensions. Nevertheless , in most cases, especially with multipunch drops dead, it is recommended that the rolls must be tested first with “experimental”to-pass roll diameter can extend the length of product in contrast to the length of strip before developing. If the ratio of the total area of the bent elements towards the total area of straight components is high, and the section is formed with an adequate quantity of passes, then the length of the completed product will be equal to the starting strip length, and a few rare cases, size reduction have been reported.

The space reduction in these cross-sections may possibly be explained with a large Poisson’s ratio (or clear plastic: strain ratio) of the fairly thick material. If the Poisson’s ratio is high, then your ratioof length decrease (in the direction of rolling) is relatively high for the thickness reduction at the flex lines.

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