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Roll Forming Machine For Elevator Frames

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Production line compnents:Decoiler--Leveling unit--Servo feeding+Punching unit--Feeding applicator--Roll forming part--Cutting device--Output table


Product Description:

Finished Product
Thickness 2.0mm
Material Galvanized/Carbon   Steel Coil
Machine Specification
Dimensions 17000*1800*1500mm
Structure Column
Working   Station 46 working stations
Roller   Material Cr12.Mov.HRC58-62
Shaft   Diameter 76mm
Cutter   Material Cr12.Mov.HRC58-62
Driving   System Gearbox
Cutting System Hydraulic

The whole line adopts PLC control, LCD display touch screen, man-machine interface. Realize the communication between people and PLC. The operator automatically runs through the program set and monitors the control process, so that the operator can control the production line and modify the control parameters, and can monitor the equipment running state, running parameters and fault indication in real time.



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