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Roll Forming Machine Construction Design Explain-Frame

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The roll forming base, sometimes called “bed frame,” supports the stands, and the components needed to form the sections. The most important requirements for the base are:

Rigidity during operation, transportation, and installation

Smooth, leveled top surface for installation of the components

A keyway or other component to be used for aligning the stands

Drainage for the roll forming lubricant

Long roll forming bases may have to be split into two or more sections to accommodate machining, handling(lifting), and transportation. If the bottom is split, if extension is anticipated, or additional units are to be attached to it at a later date, roll forming bases must be capable of accommodating recirculated lubricant used during forming. In the case of split bases, attention has to be paid to providing recirculation to each base section and to making a watertight joint between the bases.

In most cases, the base also facilitates the drive train. To provide a return flow to the lubricant, most roll forming machine have a channel around their top perimeter. Frequently, during construction, the top of the outside vertical leg of the angle should be above the roll forming machine bed.

roll forming machine C purlin

If the bed does not have a continuous top plate, then a thinner lubricant collector-plate can be utilized. 

Special consideration ought to be given to the motor/gear/drive train supports. then the rigidity of the bottom should be rechecked. The cutout may need to be reinforced. In most cases, the height of the roll forming foundation is calculated to provide comfortable pass line elevation for the product. Usually, however, the size of the stands, the type of presses, other secondary operations in the line, and the method of material managing may determine the actual pass line height. If the pass collection height is too high, a walking/working platform should be provided along the operator side of the roll forming. However, therefore, occasionally, the cutoff press or various other equipment is installed in a pit to create a comfortable pass line elevation for the operators.

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