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Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine With On-line Welding Unit

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This round pipe roll forming machine production line is composed of a forming part machine. The production line consists of 5 tons of hydraulic rack, feeding + forming host, laser welding, shearing (plasma cutting) and discharging machines.  

O The molding part of the main machine is about 12 meters in total length, the equipment adopts a straight line layout, the whole line covers an area of about 18 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width (chain drive);  

The forming part of the operation efficiency of about 10-18 m/min, the whole line running a total of 1 operator.  

O The whole production line adopts PLC control, touch screen as the operation interface, to adjust the motion parameters and process parameters of the production line, and has the function of displaying equipment running status monitoring, alarm information and so on.  


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